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Updated: Jun 21

This supplement site might seem a little different to most others you have seen especially for UK based sites. There are a few good reasons for that. Firstly, we only sell products we use ourselves. Secondly, we only sell products that actually work! This means that we often have to look around the world at what is working for others, then we try them and then we try them on a small group of test subjects (friends and family) and when we see expected results repeated, then we know we are on to a winner. Quite often this means we end up importing products which is not ideal for a small business but it does mean that our customers are getting products that are often unique.

You will not see the products on this site in the high street. There you will get nice cheap products that often do nothing for your health, but do make you feel good that you were able to 'buy one and get one free'. If you are after improving your health or maintaining good health for you and for your family then this is where you will find the products that will help you. Our products are formulated by specialists looking for the best results not the best profit margin.

Without giving a long break down to every product on our site, we stock the Dr Tennant range of products.

Dr Tennant has his own amazing story which I will write more about later but needless to say he is a profound researcher, amazing doctor, a visionary and a man that generally cares. His products called Restore contain ALL essential nutrients that our cells need to function properly and to create new working cells. This product is utterly amazing.

We also stock Nutramedex products. The worlds most effective herbal products out of South America and recommended by the world famous Doctors Doctor..... Dr Lee Cowden.

Straight out of Canada, amazingly effective and something that just about everyone should consider, living in today's world is Celt Immune Care. This Phytosterol product helps to improve or normalise immune function. That means if your immune system is low it will boost it up and if its running too high (think about seasonal allergies) it will help the body balance that excessive response.

This isn't a glamorous, sexy product to tell people about, but ironically it is one of the most important. The immune system is so complex and so vast that we really do not understand it completely, especially when it comes to allergies and auto immune disease. People often forget that the immune system doesn't just have to control bugs in the body, but it deals with human cells that are not functioning well any more as well as clearing up the debris from every knock and fall you have. The immune system helps clear away the metabolic waste and sets the stage for the rebuilding process but that is just the start of it.

High stress, too much sugar, eating things that our immune system doesn't really understand (modern foods) all cause issues and extra work for the immune system so what can we do? Celt Immuno Care feeds the immune system what it needs. This product is approved by Health Canada and really should be considered by every man, woman, child and dogs & cats. That's right, there is a version for Dogs and Cats. You can see what I mean? It's not a sexy subject but it is possibly the work horse product that could keep you healthy in a stress filled toxic world.

I hope this helps explain a little about us and what we are about. If you have any questions please let us know.

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