The Vital Reaction® Tablet is an effervescing tablet that saturates any non-carbonated beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles. Vital Reaction™ Tablets produce the most powerful cloud of H₂ in the least amount of time with the most ease of use.



  • Exclusive Vital Reaction™ Hydrogen Matrix

  • 100% natural

  • 3rd Party Testing for purity & safety

  • Free from antibiotics, colors and preservatives

  • Safe to use in open container; no sealed bottle with pressure required

Vital Reaction® Tablets

£64.50 Regular Price
£49.99Sale Price
  • Time to dissolve: less than 2min. consistently vs. 6-10+min. inconsistently

    Magnesium per tablet: 80mg vs 55mg

    Max H₂ ppm (in 500ml): over 10ppm H₂ vs. less than 4ppm H₂

    Usage: open container vs. sealed container with pressure required

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